Tools for your Local Chapter VIP’s

Find current  information from P.E.O. International Membership toolbox

Click here to go to the P.E.O. International Membership toolbox page.  It will bring up the username and password prompt for their website and after providing that you will be on the membership page.  The section of the page and then key documents are noted below.

Chapter Health – Membership

What to say to a sister considering Inactive Status.

Chapter Health – New Members

Counseling Prospective Members – Preacceptance

Counseling New Members – Post Initiation

Chapter Health – Nonparticipating Members

How to care for Nonparticipating Members – worksheet.

The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot Newsletters – Current, Previous Month and archives

Important documents from your PA P.E.O. Membership Committee

  • Local Chapter Membership Committee  
  • P.E.O. Personality Test  
  • References and Resources  
  • Glossary of Terms   
  • Chapter Health Chart  
  • 3 year Mentoring Plan   

For Chapter meetings:

  • 2017 Membership Committee Report Ideas
  • 2017 Membership Program Suggestions

To grow the membership of P.E.O.

  • Friend Referred – Introduction of a woman who is not a P.E.O .
  • New Members, New Transfers 
  • Inactive Members 
  • Participation   
  • 2017 Promote Growth   
  • Unaffiliates and Non Residents   
  • Attract, Retain, Promote Membership  
  • Checklist for Member Moving 
If you want to make a booklet of any of the above materials here is the Toolbox Cover Page      to use.

Use the Caring for College Women document      to keep in touch with young women while at college. It contains a calendar and hints of what to send during each month of the school year.