State Goals

There are two interesting things about annual goal-setting for P.E.O.:
  1. P.E.O. uses a cascading goal system.  This means that the top of the organization sets goals first, followed by the next layer, and so on.  In P.E.O., International sets goals first, followed by the state, and then the chapters.  In January, all the state boards received the goals from International.  In February and March, the Pennsylvania board wrote and approved our own state goals, based on the International goals. Now it is your turn!
  1. P.E.O. uses SMARTI goals, which is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bounded, and Inspirational.  The form that International and all state boards used have these qualities built-in.
For 2021-22, International set three goals, each around a theme:  Membership, Philanthropy, and Leadership.  The PA State board then added our own goals to support the International goals, and we completed the form.  Now you and your chapter can complete the process.
There are goal-setting resources, including a video, on the International website, under Chapter President resources AND under the Leadership tab.  Take a look when you have a moment – you never know what you may find!  There is some good stuff in both those areas.
Goal-setting is not a requirement for any chapter.  That said, if you are a chapter that enjoys thinking about the path you want to pursue this year, and you enjoy the challenge of making plans a reality, then you might appreciate setting your chapter goals based on the International and PA State goals.  If you wish to add some of your own chapter goals in other areas, the blank goal-setting form is included below.


2021-2022 International & State Membership Goals   
2021-2022 International & State Philanthropy Goals    
2021-2022 International & State Leadership Goals    
Blank Goal-Setting Template