2023 Convention of International Chapter Fundraising

One of the most important parts of planning and organizing the 2023 Convention of International Chapter is Fundraising.  As hostess of the convention our expenses are estimated to be between $150.000 and $190,000.

Keep checking back on this page for the items that the committee will be offering for sale.

Wendell August Daisy Coaster

$15.00 plus shipping

Daisy Coaster Order Form 

P.E.O. Notecards

$10.00 per box of six plus shipping

Daisy Collection

Hearts Collection
Star Collection
Notecards Order Form 

Daisy Suncatcher

$18.00 plus shipping

Daisy Suncatcher Order Form

“Marguerite Meadows” Handmade Soap by Maison de Savon

$8.50 (tax included) per 4.5 oz. Bar (Min Order 3 bars)

$4.50 (tax included) per 2 oz. Guest Bar (Min Order 3 bars)

“Marguerite Meadows” Handmade Soap Order Form 

P.E.O. and Marguerite Key/Luggage Tags

$8.00 each plus shipping

BEST DEAL 3 (mix/match) for $21.00 plus shipping

Key/Luggage Tag Order Form