September  21-23, 2023

2023 Convention of International Chapter

Get Ready to “Pull Up a Chair!”

Watch the Invitation Video

In January, Cindy and I had the opportunity to discuss with International the vision of the 2023 Convention of International Chapter. It was important to both of us that we capture the essence of all of Pennsylvania. With so much history within the state, it was going to be interesting to see how Allison, the graphic artist in Des Moines, would capture all the information we gave her. We are very pleased to share what was created and her explanation about some of the details used.
Allison states:
The mark was designed around a different angle of the Three Sisters Bridge (one of three identical bridges, and the Rachel Carson bridge is the one that leads into the Pittsburgh Convention Center). From this perspective of driving onto the bridge it is suggestive of the path ahead.
The road converges into a star, reminding us that all of our paths lead us back together, to P.E.O.
Other subtitles within the logo:
  There are 7 total stars within the design, representing our seven Founders’.

  The top of the bridge was altered and a keystone was added to the archway, a nod to Pennsylvania as the Keystone state. The keystone is the most important part of the arch’s design, and without it the arch would collapse.

  There are 5 “cutouts” in the arch, which are representative of our five virtues/core values – faith, love, purity, justice and truth. Without these shared beliefs, our Sisterhood would not exist and would crumble, just as an arch would collapse without its keystone.

The 2023 Convention of International Chapter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is approaching quickly.  It will take a lot of volunteers to welcome our P.E.O. Sisters from all over the United State and Canada.  Our greatest current need is to raise funds to cover the expenses Pennsylvania will be responsible for to host this biannual event.